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Anna Pieri Zuercher

Born in the city of Bern (CH) Anna Pieri Zuercher grew up in a multicultural family, with an Italian mother and a Swiss German father. Actress and pianist by profession, she switches back and forth between film, television, theatre and music. She is fluent and performs in French, Italian and German, and that's one of the reasons for her successful international career.

Anna Pieri Zuercher's new website gives her and her work a neat home on the internet. Available to view on mobile and desktop and in four languages, it invites viewers, fans, businesses and anyone else interested in Anna in Switzerland and abroad on to her website.

One problem with the previous website was that various messages were all flowing through the same form and to the same inbox, so that important requests often got lost. Now, three forms divide personal and business messages and the ability to request an autographed card.

"It is a great pleasure to work with Louis. He is talented and very professional. Thank you for this new website!"

Anna Pieri Zuercher, Actress

July 2023

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