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The story behind my Logo - and why so corporate?

Three dots. It could be the logo of a bank. Or a travel company. Instead, it's the logo of my small portfolio. And why?


I was born in Birmingham, UK. An iconic building in this second biggest city of England is Selfridges, part of the Bullring shopping centre. The building is covered with over 15,000 silver discs.

My initial idea was to make this building my logo using different sizes of circles and aligning them to the form of the building.

I soon felt the logo was too crowded and wouldn't work well in different sizes.


So, the solution was to get rid of the outline and work with fewer circles instead.

A bit of realigning and voilà... there I had my logo, which I am still very pleased with today.

It's basic, but easy and efficient to work with. Perfect on screen and in print too. It's colours are dark grey and white.


What may make it seem too corporate, is the minimalistic and monochrome look. But I like things to be simple and neat.

Thank you for your interest in me and my logo. :)

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