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Recent work

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Hayend Event at Le Ciel

Taking photographs for the label release event Hayend at the Le Ciel club in Berne.


‘IN THE HOUSE’ is a vibrant celebration of everyday life at home presented by 100 young dancers. The show offers a dynamic look at family moments, domestic rituals and heartfelt interactions that make every home a unique place.

Informationsbroschüre Vereine Suhr

In co-operation with the municipality of Suhr, the Suhr Music Society and I have produced a comprehensive information brochure that provides a detailed overview of the variety of clubs in Suhr.

2nd Anniversary

With a local line-up featuring Braensh b2b Syno, Josc b2b PDaddy and Alan Burri b2b Xan at the Old Capitol in Langenthal.

Teki Tekua Now

Teki Tekua's new programme TeKi Tekua Now offers classes for adults with or without previous dance experience. These photos were taken while filming a video to promote their new course.

Gurzelen Nachrichten

"A 13-year-old in the Gurzelen neighborhood has already been active as a journalist for two years: as a local reporter, he writes short articles about all kinds of events in the neighborhood...


As part of an exciting project, I created an inviting landing page for the launch of the Suhr Music Society's new uniform.

Jugendmusik Suhr

As part of the new launch of the website for the Suhr Music Society, we migrated the Suhr Youth Music page into the homepage.

Avant Planung

This new website gives Avant Planung a platform to present itself and its services. It is modern, minimalist and classy, in line with the company's values.

Dancing Horse

Dancing Horse is an open-air event that offers a top-class international line-up of electronic dance music. Food trucks, several bars and international artists awaited around 1000 guests at the riding arena in Langenthal on 30 September 2023.

Userway Partner

UserWay is a web accessibility solution, ensuring websites comply with accessibility standards, making them inclusive for all users.

Musikgesellschaft Suhr

For the past months, we have been working on a new website for the music group. This new website has been improved with a new, more modern and appealing design without losing the face and values of the association.

Wix Partner is your reliable partner for professional Wix support in Switzerland. I am a, Wix Studio and Editor X partner.

Lakelive 2023

I had the pleasure of taking photos for the Lakelive festival on lake Biel. A selection of my photos are published on the official website of the festival.

Anna Pieri Zuercher

Anna Pieri Zuercher's new website gives her and her work a neat home on the internet. Available to view on mobile and desktop and in four languages, it invites viewers, fans, businesses and anyone else interested in Anna in Switzerland and abroad on to her website.

Story of Logo

Three dots. It could be the logo of a bank. Or a travel company. Instead, it's the logo of my small portfolio. And why?

Summer party at La Grenouille 2023

Various dance groups from Teki Tekua and the Capsule Academy made the evening a wonderful event.

After Use

This part of Sadie Plant's website is dedicated to this blog, giving it a unique design and layout. Visitors to the Kunsthalle Bern can read the latest posts about the art they are seeing and leave comments.

Deja Vu

After three successful events in the founding year, DEJA VU Events started of 2023 at the OldCapitol in Langenthal. On Thursday, 6 April 2023 SHE NIONIKA, Mike the Connector and NOWAY were behind the decks.

Madretsch Nord

This new website has given the neighbourhood Madretsch Nord a clear and representative image. The site contains all important information about and around the neighbourhood and is completely bilingual.


Experimenting with sun and shade on a hot summer's day in Biel/Bienne.

Lakelive 2022

I had the pleasure of taking photos for the Lakelive festival on lake Biel. A selection of my photos are published on the official website of the festival.

Capsule Academy

The Capsule Dance Academy in Biel/Bienne celebrates every year with its summer party.

Sadie Plant

This new website has given Sadie Plant a place to display her work in a simple and neat way. Short pages and the clearly structured menu help visitors find their way through the site.


Some street photography out in Neuchâtel

Teki Tekua First Friday May 2022

On the first Friday of every month, various events take place in Biel's old town. Teki Tekua performed their latest dance - despite the rainy weather.

Farel Cypher Lite

This year's Farel Cypher was hosted together with Red Bull.


Some street photography out in Genève


An initiative was submitted for the Confederation and the cantons to take additional measures, promote the training of nursing staff and improve working conditions in the care sector.

Teki Tekua

TeKi TeKua JUNIOR mainly teaches children and young people in contemporary dance and urban dance styles and offers the opportunity to gain stage experience in a consistent group.

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