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Musikgesellschaft Suhr

The Suhr Music Society (Musikgesellschaft Suhr / Suhrer Musig), founded in 1865, is a harmony wind orchestra with around 40 musicians. The society supports and promotes its members and contributes to the cultural life in the community of Suhr with a big concert in spring, various events during the summer, and a church concert at the end of the year. It also participates in the youth festival with the organisation and operation of the Tetris bar.

For the past months, we have been working on a new website for the music group. This new website has been improved with a new, more modern and appealing design without losing the face and values of the association. It can be viewed on any device and gets found on Google.

"Working together with Louis was always very professional, uncomplicated and efficient. Our new website is convincing in all areas."

Marcel Lanz, President Musikgesellschaft Suhr

September 2023

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