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Sadie Plant

She's from Birmingham, England, and studied philosophy at the University of Manchester. Sadie Plant published three books in the 1990s: The Most Radical Gesture, which grew out of her doctoral research about the situationists; Zeros and Ones, which offers an alternative, feminist account of the history and nature of digital technology; and Writing on Drugs, which argues that the enormous influence of psychoactive substances on mainstream Western culture makes a nonsense of the so-called 'war on drugs'. She also translate from German into English. In the past Sadie has taught at the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick, the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and on the BA Fine Arts programme at ZHdK. She is currently teaching on the Contemporary Arts Practice MA at the HKB.

This new website has given Sadie Plant a place to display her work in a simple and neat way. Short pages and the clearly structured menu help visitors find their way through the site. The website is available in English, German and French. It gets found on Google and can be visited on desktop as well as mobile.

"It's a pleasure to work with someone so competent and creative."

Sadie Plant, Author

June 2022

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